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Your personal Social Media Manager has 15 years experience working in marketing and sales, as well as 10 years experience in social media, being a Social Media Manager for the past 7 years.



Parachute Social Media, LLC


Parachute Social Media's goal is to take the fear out of social media management for small to medium sized businesses.  We've heard on multiple occasions that people are 'just afraid' to start their business on social media.  Many companies, we've found, aren't comfortable putting themselves out there in this capacity.  

We're here to help you find your way in the social media management jungle.  It's intimidating for a lot of folks, even those who are on social media for personal reasons.  With our experience, expertise and professional approach, we help take the worry out and ease you into this strange new land, eliminating the shock factor.  


Another focus of Parachute Social Media is to create a comfortable place for you to brainstorm and bounce ideas between yourself and a marketing professional about your marketing goals and efforts.  


We're here to help you reach those goals through services we've specialized for many clients over the years.



2010 - present

2010 - present